Instant Results, Lifelong Clients Toolkit


Whether you're just starting out or you've already been coaching for a while, get a set of 12 powerful tools that cover each step of the coaching process - from initial preparation and meetings to final action plans!

Here's what you'll receive in the Instant Results, Lifelong Clients Toolkit...

Instant Results, Lifelong Clients Manual 

With our comprehensive coaching toolkit, you'll have everything you need to take your clients to the next level and help them achieve their goals.

The toolkit covers each step of the coaching process, providing you with the essential tools and strategies to help your clients make the changes they need to succeed.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this toolkit is the perfect solution for coaches who are serious about making a difference.

With 12 powerful tools, you can customize your approach to match your clients' unique needs and goals.

From initial preparation and meetings to final action plans, we've got you covered!

At the heart of our coaching toolkit is a simple philosophy: when you focus on your clients' success, you can't go wrong.

Get your hands on this powerful resource today and take your coaching practice to the next level!

Instant Results, Lifelong Clients Coaching Tools

  • Self-Assessment Worksheet
  • Business Overview Worksheet
  • Coaching Session Preparation Worksheet
  • Individual Coaching Plan Template
  • Coaching Feedback Worksheet
  • Coaching Session Agenda Template
  • SWOT Analysis Matrix
  • Root Cause Analysis Worksheet
  • Goal and Action Plan Template
  • Coaching Journal
  • Accountability Checklist

In this toolkit, we've covered each stage of the coaching process that will enable you to help your clients make the changes they need in order to reach success!

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Eva Gregory

Award-winning transformational catalyst and business mentor, Eva Gregory of Leading Edge Coaching & Training, helps established coaches, thought leaders, and spiritual entrepreneurs worldwide become game-changers in their fields by integrating Inner Guidance with proven business strategies that are working today to scale beyond six figures and achieve breakthroughs in their businesses.

Eva is an avid supporter of the Milo Foundation, an alternative for homeless pets, the Unstoppable Foundation to bring sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries, and Kiva to support entrepreneurs in under-served communities around the world.

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